Meet Our Interim Pastor

Pastor Harv Weitzel:

My name is Rev. Dr. Harvey Weitzel, but I prefer being called “Pastor Harv”. My wife’s name is Janice and I have two grown daughters and four teenaged grandchildren and I presently live in Norwalk CT.

I became aware of my call to ministry in my freshmen year of undergraduate school. I am a graduate of the Gettysburg Theological Seminary with a MDiv and I received my Doctorate in Pastoral Psychotherapy from Drew University.

I entered the ministry in 1970 and over the years since then I served three parishes in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod until my first retirement in 2006. I then served on the staff of a large Manhattan Episcopal Church for two years, then for a year I worked for Hospice St. Joseph in Hattie, finally serving as a part time Interim Pastor in the New England Synod for the past eight years. I was trained as an Interim Pastor in 2006.This was because when I was ordained, I made a promise to God that when I retired I would offer my skills to smaller parishes in thanksgiving for the many blessings God had shared with me. In my 52 years of ministry, I have been a parish pastor for all but three of them. As I join the Interim ministry of Our Saviour’s I look forward to providing pastoral care for all the parish’s needs.