Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Harv Weitzel:

My name is Rev. Dr. Harvey Weitzel, but I prefer being called “Pastor Harv”. My wife’s name is Janice and I have two grown daughters and four teenaged grandchildren and I presently live in Norwalk CT.

I became aware of my call to ministry in my freshmen year of undergraduate school. I am a graduate of the Gettysburg Theological Seminary with a MDiv and I received my Doctorate in Pastoral Psychotherapy from Drew University.

I entered the ministry in 1970 and over the years since then I served three parishes in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod until my first retirement in 2006. I then served on the staff of a large Manhattan Episcopal Church for two years, then for a year I worked for Hospice St. Joseph in Hattie, finally serving as a part time Interim Pastor in the New England Synod for the past eight years. I was trained as an Interim Pastor in 2006.This was because when I was ordained, I made a promise to God that when I retired I would offer my skills to smaller parishes in thanksgiving for the many blessings God had shared with me. In my 52 years of ministry, I have been a parish pastor for all but three of them. As I join the Interim ministry of Our Saviour’s I look forward to providing pastoral care for all the parish’s needs.

Pastor Sandra D’Amico:

I am a Rhode Islander, artist, sailor, pastor, mother and now grandmother of two radiant little girls. In my vocational life, I graduated from Colby College in Maine, raised two wise daughters, created and managed a design firm, and was an adjunct professor of Design Arts at New England Tech for several years. I completely loved my vocation. However, on the way of applying to graduate school in design studies, the Holy Spirit swiftly moved my path, away from design and towards serving the people of God and the mission we share.

In my call to serve Christ and Community, new pathways emerged. I’m glad to have said Yes and stepped onto the journey of pastoral life. My education was completed at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge MA, where I graduated along with studies at the Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia. I was ordained in 2010 and have since served 6 churches: as an intern, a settled pastor, and as intentional interim pastor. Unfortunately, we also lost my husband to a health crisis during this time.

The experience of being a pastor and a church in COVID over the past two years, has been a challenge to many of our sister churches. God bless all who have sustained us, and may we remember those whom we lost during this tender and difficult time. Despite difficulties, the COVID adaptations we have created for our gatherings in ministry, have helped us to become more creative in staying connected to each other and the faith we share; with one another, and in the benevolence that we carry to the neighborhood around us.

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